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Life Pon Di Hill (life on the hill)

The view from the hill looking at Kingston

Thank God today is Friday.

I’m tired. A good tired feeling.

Yesterday we spent two (yes only two) hours with 30 awesome Jamaican youth and I was spent. Although we had a lot of fun, I told our trainer I may not have the energy for two years of this. I digress.

As Michelle mentioned in the last post we have been living apart these past couple of weeks to train in our specific project areas. Both of us have been really busy so we haven’t noticed being apart too much and we have been very appreciative that PC has arranged for us to visit each other a couple of times.

Currently I live on a beautiful hill that over looks the ever busy downtown of Kingston. While my host dad says daily “It’s cool and quiet” this small town on the mountain road is very much alive with people out and about and honking drivers going way too fast for this quasi populated area. Compared to my last homestay experience the town is a lot bigger and more spread out. It is really green here, very hilly, and the trees are large and plentiful. The hill side is scattered with houses tucked amongst the trees, something that makes this populated area seem more rural and spacious (I have really taken a liking to the fact that the area is not zoned and developed like you would see on a Hawaii mountain side or any US suburban area for that matter). Your eye focuses more on the natural beauty here and less on the houses and roads. Everyday I try and enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings by walking with my host family or by running up and down the hills with other trainees (trying to avoid barking dogs that hop fences and cars on the narrow roads).

Yeah, I kind of love it here.

– Getting to travel alone and spend Easter with Michelle and her homestay family
– Learning a lot about Jamaica, youth in Jamaica, and a lot about myself in the process.
– Getting to know other trainees. PC does attract amazing people.
– Host family and their cooking. It’s been really fun and the food, so good. Curry Goat.
– Facial hair. Mustache.

– Mosquitos. I’m sure there’s a good reason for their existence but I hate them, with a passion.
– Missing people. Life is still going on elsewhere.
– Facial hair. Mustache. We have a competition going on with all the guy trainees. We will see what I look like after four more weeks of this.

– Internet. What a blessing to Skype and Facebook. Sort of a curse to be connected and always wondering what you are missing out on.
– Hot water. It’s nice, but we might not have it in the future once we get placed in a community.
– Ambiguity. Not knowing what’s to come and to plan can be stressful, but also makes for a fun ride.

Enjoy the pictures I took around my community and till next time, walk good.


My new favorite flower. Not sure of the name yet

Anthurium. A small reminder of home in Hawaii

The largest spider I’ve ever encountered

Sunset over the hills

Jamaica has their own berries, who knew

a makeshift kitchen right at the edge of a cliff

We hiked to a dam close to our hill

The lush bottom of the dam. This is where the overflow goes

The dam lake/reservoir. Yes there is fish.

Fresh catch of the day. In the background a stand-up paddle board made of bamboo.

7 thoughts on “Life Pon Di Hill (life on the hill)”

  1. Beautiful pictures. Thanks for letting us know how you’re doing. Sounds like quite an adventure already!

  2. Even a small spider with only six legs is scary to Susan let alone a big one. You might mention the large, gregarious, friendly, non venomous nature of the spiders and their welcoming attitudes towards northerners.

  3. Jedd, You’ve beautifully captured it all! Makes me miss the place even more, makes me happy happy for you that your adventure is just beginning. Enjoy life pon di hill, mon!

    1. Adrienne, I think of you and Bob a lot and all the things you shared with us. Can’t thank you guys enough. By the way, to answer your question from another post – I LOVE Tastee patties and prefer them over Juci. Beef and cheese in coco bread is my typical choice but today another volunteer introduced me to their fried chicken sandwich which might be my new favorite. Hope you both are doing well.

  4. We have your new favorite flower and your favorite spider (maybe you didn’t put it quite like that…) here in Indo, too!

    Hang in there through the rough spots. Keep embracing the “ups.” And keep letting yourself be open to experiencing!

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