Our most recent adventure has been shadowing a current volunteer. We each went out on public transportation to various sites around the island, spending Monday afternoon through Wednesday morning with our volunteer. I got to visit Carline, another education volunteer who is located in a small town outside of Ocho Rios. She’s came with the group before ours, so she’s been at her site since September.

The video gives a quick look at her apartment, her literacy work at the local school, the beautiful nature in her community, and some of her friends. The last clip is a pair of student rehearsing a really cool poem that they will perform at Festival. (Please excuse the technical glitch at the beginning! And the audio was a little challenging so I put in a few subtitles.) Overall, I had a great time with Carline, gaining valuable advice and a real life look at a volunteer’s home and work. Hopefully I’ll be able to go back and visit at some point! -M