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Volunteer Shadowing

Our most recent adventure has been shadowing a current volunteer. We each went out on public transportation to various sites around the island, spending Monday afternoon through Wednesday morning with our volunteer. I got to visit Carline, another education volunteer who is located in a small town outside of Ocho Rios. She’s came with the group before ours, so she’s been at her site since September.

The video gives a quick look at her apartment, her literacy work at the local school, the beautiful nature in her community, and some of her friends. The last clip is a pair of student rehearsing a really cool poem that they will perform at Festival. (Please excuse the technical glitch at the beginning! And the audio was a little challenging so I put in a few subtitles.) Overall, I had a great time with Carline, gaining valuable advice and a real life look at a volunteer’s home and work. Hopefully I’ll be able to go back and visit at some point! -M

3 thoughts on “Volunteer Shadowing”

  1. Great job with video. But …. Let me quote or at least parphrase Susan, “did you see the new video from M&J it was about a home shadow and it HAD A PICTURE OF ANOTHER SIX IN SPIDER, HOW COMMON ARE THOSE THINGS?, CAN YOU BUY SIPIDER PROOF CLOTHES” Jedd, I think we have some sort of branding or image problem. ;). RHZ

  2. Fortunately, the spiders have kept their distance so far. The volunteer’s friend in the video actually went and grabbed that spider off its web. Apparently those ones are completely harmless…!

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