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We finally learned our site placements last week and were whisked off to “site orientation” with our supervisors for the past four days. Jedd and I will be living in a rural area outside of Savanna-la-Mar, on the southwest coast in Westmoreland parish. I’ll be working at a rural school doing literacy pull-out sessions with students who have fallen behind (among other things). And Jedd will be working in a brand new community resource center in Savanna-la-Mar (a.k.a. Sav) starting up their internet cafe, computer training, and youth programs (among other things). We feel so blessed to be living in the basement apartment of a beautiful rural home with two amazing host parents. I’ve included a few pictures for now but wanted to save the rest until we’ve really made the place our own.

Our internet situation at site is up in the air. We are currently in Kingston for one last week of training and then Swearing In on May 18, and we do have internet access here. After that, we are not sure when we’ll be able to get consistent internet at work or at home.