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Jamaica Sights and Sounds

The video above features some sights and sounds of Jamaica. Here in the land of wood and water, your senses are overwhelmed by so many new things. I called this volume one because there are several things I wasn’t able to capture that I hope to like what it’s like in an open market, what it’s like on busy streets (with goats, buses, dogs, etc…), and my favorite, what it’s like being on a cramped bus (we have two years to get this footage).

I hope you enjoy this video (edited on an iPad, which went well) and had a chance to hear and see some of the things we’ve been experiencing. Please let me know if there is anything else that you’d like me to capture footage of in Jamaica (leave a comment below).

Till next time, big up yuh self – J

10 thoughts on “Jamaica Sights and Sounds”

  1. Wow, seems pretty idyllic — flowers, food, music, waterfalls, beach, dancing! What a PC post! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great job on the videos, I lived in Mandeville many many years ago and enjoy seeing the real Jamaica you present.

  3. Loved it…what a great idea. Thank you for appealing to our senses as the Lord is appealing to yours.

  4. Love this arm chair traveling!! Sights and sounds are great and the price is right :)) Christie

  5. Wonderful video, Jed and Michelle. Thanks for that. I would love to see your host family, the people in your neighborhood, and I’m always a sucker for more football. God bless you and all your people in Jamaica. ~Pat

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