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Home Sweet Home

The very first day we met each other. Very telling of things to come…

When living in a new country, it’s always good to celebrate milestones. It helps you see where you have come from and all the things that you have accomplished (and to be honest, who doesn’t like finding a reason to buy and eat affordable Betty Crocker fudge brownies). This week we are celebrating 1 month in our new home in Westmoreland, Jamaica and 4 years of marriage. Who knew 4 years ago that two very different people would find each other, fall in love and get married, and then 4 years later live and serve in another country? I didn’t think that was going to happen. We hope you enjoy Michelle’s latest video and we will try to post again soon (at the moment we don’t have steady access to internet). Thanks for walking with us on this adventure… J&M https://vimeo.com/43629057

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