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Summer Camps 2012

Last week Michelle put on a two-day summer camp to inspire some boys in her school to be more motivated in the classroom and to think about their futures. As for me, I supported a week long summer camp for 60 children that was led by the wonderful women of the Y’s Menettes (a social/service club for older women). It was a great week for both of us to be around and serve some of the youth in our area. Was there times of frustration? Yes. But overall it was a great experience. More stories from these camps to be posted soon. Special thanks to our fellow Peace Corps Volunteer Josh, who helped and wowed both camp groups with his amazing magic tricks. – J

2 thoughts on “Summer Camps 2012”

  1. Cool! Waaay cool! You’ve created something so amazing. We hear Summer Camp is happening in our old community for the 2nd summer since we left. Who knows what impact you will have but you’re right, it’s an incredible experience. Congratulations!

    1. Adrienne, yes, we heard the camp in Robins Bay was fantastic this year and Ann was able to be hands-off and let the Jamaicans do just about everything.

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