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We are in it.

Yeah, we’re a little tired. It’s been an eventful few weeks. As mentioned in previous posts, we both had our own summer camps going on last week. This week I (Michelle) am doing my own summer literacy class at my school in the mornings. I’ve had 6-10 kids each day, and I am so glad there are not more than that. Classroom management, behavior, and focus is the biggest challenge right now. Jedd is starting to plan his own summer camp, teach a few more small computer classes, and work on the community center’s website, among other things.

We’ve also had a number of visitors to our home lately, which is exciting. As you saw in our recent video, our friend was able to come out and help with the summer camps last week by doing card tricks with the kids. This past weekend, another education volunteer friend stayed with us. We took her to Negril where we met up with more volunteer friends for a nice beach day. Then, two Peace Corps staff members came out this Wednesday for “Visit A Volunteer Day” (an opportunity for staff members who are usually confined to the Kingston office to see what it’s like for us out in the field). They also had some ‘business’ in our area with some volunteers who are getting new housing placements nearby, and we actually hosted those two volunteers at our place last night. And tomorrow, we have another education volunteer coming to hang out for the weekend! We feel blessed to be able to accommodate guests, and in my personal opinion, Jedd’s excellent Jamerican cooking is a nice addition to their stay. 🙂

Things we’re thankful for:

  • all our amazing new Peace Corps friends (even though some of them, sadly, have started to say goodbye)
  • our new Jamaican friends and family
  • movies shared with us by all our visitors
  • fried ripe plantains with Johnny’s seasoning
  • having each other to vent, reflect, laugh, cry, and share this crazy experience with
  • the use of free internet, even if we still can’t get it at home

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