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“Go For the Gold” – Summer Camp 2012 Video

August 14th – 17th marked the hardest and best week I’ve had in Jamaica. Michelle and I (along with 20 or so community volunteers) put on a week long day camp for 30+ youth ages 11 – 23 (originally for ages 14-20).

The theme of camp was “Go for the Gold” – piggy backing off of the amazing performance of Jamaican athletes in the Olympics. We wanted the youth to think about their futures, their goals, but more importantly, what things they would need in order to succeed. The camp featured guest speakers and teachers, life-skills activities, dance lessons, computer lessons, sex/health/drug education, and a talent show. The next step for us is to ride the momentum and success of the camp and start a youth club. We look forward to next year’s camp but thank God that we don’t have to worry about it till next year.

2 thoughts on ““Go For the Gold” – Summer Camp 2012 Video”

  1. Congratulations, you guys! Looks like you created a great camp! And yes, we can appreciate how exhausting it is to organize, problem-solve, guide, and oversee an endeavor of this magnitude. Big ups!

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