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When we were first preparing to come to Jamaica, I did some background research via volunteer blogs. Now, we’ve been on island for almost a year and we’re expecting a new set of volunteers to join us next week already! This new set of blog entries are some of my favorites from current volunteers in our own group:

Special note to group 83: I apologize if I left out your blog posts. these are from the blogs I am aware of and wanted to share.

PCJ Group 83 swearing in with the U.S. Ambassador and Jamaica's Governor General
PCJ Group 83 swearing in with the U.S. Ambassador and Jamaica’s Governor General

Claire G:
Letting Go – a volunteer’s insightful reflections after deciding to leave Peace Corps
Thoughts, Questions, Ramblings– more reflections on the struggles of being a volunteer, beautifully written as always
One Big (Happy?) Family – on relating to a new country and new “parents” (a.k.a. PC)

Kate W:
Why Am I Here? Why I Am Here – a literacy volunteer’s work with lots of pictures
525,600 Minutes- on personal growth through leaving one PC post and starting at another
Hello World– full of fun pictures visiting other volunteers as well as hurricane aftermath

Brandi Y:
Small Wins- witty and entertaining recount of misadventures and becoming accustomed to life and work as an education volunteer
I do not poop in a hole– first impressions at site and other fun anecdotes

Kevin and Linnae:
My Dengue Fever and Wildly Unanticipated Life – how one environmental volunteer found his way to the Caribbean from the Army
Good Morning Jamaica – morning activities in a rural Jamaican yard with lots of photos

Peace Corps Jamaica Cook Shop – a group compilation of creative recipes using Jamaican ingredients on a PCV budget

Marie V:
Not Your Average 9 to 5 – public transportation misadventures and shadowing a volunteer during training
20/20 Cricket – experiencing one of Jamaica’s favorite sports

Autumn F:
Not All Play – productive and creative activities by an environmental volunteer, with photos
America! – how travel and PC has renewed her love for her home country

Tom and Chelsea:
Ready, Set, Blog! – a recap of being medically separated during training, coming back, and missing things from home
Photos – pictures from around their new community

Adriana B:
Know Thyself – reflections on keeping strong during the struggles of PC
Sorrel Juice – how to about a unique and wonderful Jamaican fruit

Stephanie W:
Things I Don’t Miss About America- self explanatory
Things I Do Miss From America
How Did I Ever Live Without – a tribute to the best Jamaican fruits/foods

Chantal W:
(not so) attack of the pig – what happens when a pig finds your laundry bucket
hurricane sandy – preparing for a storm with the host family

Claire M:
A Day in the Life – follow along with an HIV-education volunteer, with photos

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