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Hawaiian-style Sweet Bread Recipe

A while back, Jedd and some other Peace Corps Volunteers on island started a collaborative cooking blog called PCJ Cookshop. There, volunteers can share their recipes for dishes that can be made with ingredients that are available and affordable to Peace Corps Jamaica’s volunteers. This past week, we worked on the creation of our first cooking video together. The link below will take you to the original post where you can access other PCJ Cookshop recipes (like Jedd’s famous “Run Down”).


3 thoughts on “Hawaiian-style Sweet Bread Recipe”

  1. Wow, better than Julia Child. You’ll have to make it for us ‘cuz I think it’ll go well with Uncle Myron’s Portuguese Bean Soup!

  2. I can almost taste it! Nice presentation and outstanding video production as usual. So the go pro tolerates heat ;)?

  3. It’s the cooking channel I have been waiting for! Not as fun as watching you cook in person, but I will take it. Thanks for the clear and specific instructions for us beginners. I will try it out 🙂

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