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The Ultimate Cinnamon Rolls Recipe

We wanted to share this recipe in honor of being back from our Peace Corps experience in Jamaica. It’s fun to look back on the pictures of us making big batches of these delicious treats for our Jamaican host sister’s wedding.

According to Facebook, many of you actually tried these out at home last year! For my family (Michelle), cinnamon rolls are a traditional part of our holiday celebrations, and I’m looking forward to sharing these rolls with my family in both Oregon and Hawaii this Christmas. I like to make the miniature-sized rolls for this recipe to counteract the generous helpings of cinnamon-sugar and cream cheese frosting it calls for.

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Hawaiian-style Sweet Bread Recipe

A while back, Jedd and some other Peace Corps Volunteers on island started a collaborative cooking blog called PCJ Cookshop. There, volunteers can share their recipes for dishes that can be made with ingredients that are available and affordable to Peace Corps Jamaica’s volunteers. This past week, we worked on the creation of our first cooking video together. The link below will take you to the original post where you can access other PCJ Cookshop recipes (like Jedd’s famous “Run Down”).


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Mackerel Run Down

If there is anything consistent so far about our Peace Corps experience it’s that our life as volunteers are filled with a roller coaster of emotions and events.  Both of us have been experiencing our own challenges at work – working with children is difficult and working within new cultural norms. We’ve also recently discovered that a large centipede has been living with us (first spotted last week and has yet to be evicted). Finally we had to say farewell to a good friend who will be greatly missed.

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