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Two Years in Peace Corps Jamaica: A Video

What do you say when people ask you, “how was it?”

Today we say goodbye to what has been our home and lives for the past two years. It’s been a roller coaster ride, almost 4 total years of our life if you include the process we went through just to get accepted and placed to serve as volunteers (which was typical at the time, not so typical now). The last couple of months, weeks, and days we’ve had the chance to reflect with other fellow volunteers, get in a few new adventures, and more importantly, say thanks to the people of Jamaica who have taught and given us so much.

It’s incredible to think of all of the challenges, the fun, the adventure, the work- everything that makes up the life of a Peace Corps Volunteer. There’s just no way to really answer question, “how was it?”.  I guess we could say, “It was everything we’d hope it would be and more,” and that still feels like we are cheapening the experience.

Two Years Video

It’s impossible to summarize two years, but these short video clips will hopefully give you a taste of our experience in Jamaica as Peace Corps Volunteers. We’re so incredibly grateful for the opportunity to come and live in a Jamaican community, to share life with people, to be challenged and to grow. It was not always easy, but we have gained so incredibly much in return.

Farewell Photos

And these are photos from the three farewell parties we attended (two of which were at the community center this past weekend):

-J + M

8 thoughts on “Two Years in Peace Corps Jamaica: A Video”

  1. With your video, you have truly captured life in Jamaica and the spirit of Peace Corps. This will remain long in your hearts.

    1. Thanks for your encouragement, Adrienne (and Bob), throughout our whole Peace Corps journey. We are so glad to have connected with you before we went to Jamaica, and we hope we can continue to process the experience with you sometime soon when we return.

      1. We were at a PC Send-Off Party last night attended by a ‘ole ‘eap of Nominees/Invitees and 39 RPCVs. How great to celebrate Volunteers’ past service and be excited for those about to embark upon an adventure you now fully understand. We too look forward to helping process with you what this all means. (Note: the processing never stops!)

  2. I LOVE this, made me miss home so much. Was moved to tears.
    All the best on the next chapters of your lives.

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