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Post-Peace Corps Road Trip

We’ve been in the States for a full week now! Our goal to reunite with friends and family has been successful, and we’ve been enjoying the many amenities and foods that are now available to us. It’s still hard to believe that Peace Corps is completely behind us. Although we’re enjoying our freedom and return home, it’s bittersweet. Even though we can always return to Jamaica- it won’t ever be the same as when we were living there as Peace Corps Volunteers. We’re forever grateful for that opportunity.

We are posting trip recaps with more photos from our road trip home on the travel blog: Intentional Travelers. Please stop by!

2 thoughts on “Post-Peace Corps Road Trip”

  1. What memories you stir up in me – my first culture shock in reverse after coming home after my college year abroad – in Europe…then in the sticks where my aunt (Dr Buchanan) laboured in love in MayPen, Jamaica – taking out appendecies underneath trees – mind you 50 years goes by quickly – and then you remind me that things have not changed that much. How I appreciate your two years abroad and all you did to make a difference…Blessings, Tia Cookey

    1. Thanks, Auntie Cookey. I would have loved to have seen Jamaica 50 years ago- some things were better, some worse, but I imagine the influence of American culture was not as strong.

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