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Peace Corps Invite!!!!!!!!!

This is what WE (and many of YOU) have all been waiting for! 13 months after applying and even a few weeks after we were originally supposed to depart, we received our Peace Corps invitation. Even though we’ve known it was coming for the past week, it arrived at the door- not the mailbox- so it was definitely a suprise. We had also been clued in to the general region where we’d likely be placed (although we were warned that the program had not made it through final approval yet- and with all the budget cuts going on, we tried not to get our hopes up), but the country we’re assigned was also surprising! Since we’ve been doing a lot of house-sitting lately, the invite came to my (Michelle’s) parents’ house while Jedd was still in Portland for work so that’s why you’ll see Jedd on Skype in the video.  You’ll just have to watch it to see where we’re going to end up…

For more key points along our Peace Corps journey, from application stages to moving in to our Jamaican home (including more videos), see: Our Peace Corps Process.