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Epic Road Trip 2014 Recap


Our Epic Road Trip of 2014 is over. For one month we traveled from Portland to Seattle; to Canada’s Vancouver B.C.; Kelowna B.C., Banff (in Alberta); back to the states to Glacier, Montana; Salt Lake City; Fort Collins; Boulder; Denver; Boise; and back to Portland. About 5,500 miles in all.

We participated in a World Domination Summit, helped friends with their backyard project, got to attend a wedding of two dear friends, went to another Continue reading “Epic Road Trip 2014 Recap”

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On the Road Through Canada

Our first (of what we hope will be many) road trip through Canada took us from Vancouver B.C. to hidden gem Kelowna B.C., and then finally to Banff. Check out pics and information from our travels by clicking on the pictures below. The pictures take you to our travel blog – Intentional Travelers