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Epic Road Trip 2014 Recap


Our Epic Road Trip of 2014 is over. For one month we traveled from Portland to Seattle; to Canada’s Vancouver B.C.; Kelowna B.C., Banff (in Alberta); back to the states to Glacier, Montana; Salt Lake City; Fort Collins; Boulder; Denver; Boise; and back to Portland. About 5,500 miles in all.

We participated in a World Domination Summit, helped friends with their backyard project, got to attend a wedding of two dear friends, went to another Continue reading “Epic Road Trip 2014 Recap”

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Never Enough

Do we take some tools with us? What about a jacket, will it be cold in Jamaica? Johnny’s seasoning? How about a long sleeve shirt? A tie? Do I really need a tie?

For the last couple of weeks my thoughts have been consumed with things. Continue reading “Never Enough”