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Verbal Diarrhea – Using our Gifts Intentionally

My brothers & me – from L to R, Josh (hear no evil), Me (speak no evil), Joel (see no evil)

This picture is very telling of me. From as far as I can remember (and also hearing accounts from family members) I have always been blessed with an over-active gift of gab. Gregarious, you might say. Excellent communicator. Public speaker. Conversationalist. Talking seems very natural to me. My aunt has told me I can sell “ice to the Eskimos” (whatever that means) and I have had stints as an actor, a salesman, a speaker, and an admission counselor. So yes, my ability to speak is an asset to me, a gift, and a sense of pride.

Of course like others, my gift can also be my curse. And, yes sometimes, I spit out verbal diarrhea. Continue reading “Verbal Diarrhea – Using our Gifts Intentionally”