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Things We Love: Wunderlist App Review


Every now and then, Michelle and I want to share with you some “Things We Love.”

As minimalists, lovers of unconventional living, and very intentional about most things, we also believe in sharing information that has had a big impact on our lives. There’s often a misconception that minimalistic and simplistic living means cheap, or owning nothing, which is not the case. For us, it means being very intentional about the things we purchase, own, or use.  Something that benefits/supports your life that is free is an added benefit. We see these “things” or services as tools to live the life that we want. Often when we buy or use “Things We Love” they follow these principles:

  • Does it Meet a Need or Fulfill a Want?
    This is a question we ask before making any purchase or adding anything to our lives. It’s probably best that things meet your needs vs. your wants. However, if it does both, then it’s even better.
  • Functionality
    The more multifunctional/versatile, the better. For example, a backpack that can hold my laptop and comes with it’s own rain-fly for unpredictable wet weather is extremely multifunctional and versatile.
  • Value
    Regardless of cost, does the item or service give you what you wanted and more? I often use this reasoning with Michelle who sometimes focuses mainly on cost. For example, I’m willing to invest in a nice computer (Apple) that may cost more up front, but will last longer than computers from other brands (that also have that other operating system).
  • Affordability
    It’s always a good practice to buy something you can actually afford. Avoid using credit or loans as much as possible.
  • Ease of Use/Excellent Design
    We love simple, straightforward, intuitive design. Things should just work the way you think they should. For example, if you buy a can opener that doesn’t open cans – we should be able to agree that it’s poorly designed.

So every now and then, we will feature a product or a service that has helped us to live simply and intentionally. We hope that this information will help your lives and we ask that you help us:

  1. If you end up using something we shared, let us know how you like or don’t like it.
  2. Share these posts with others if you like it (on FB, Email, Twitter, etc…)
  3. Share with us “Things You Love.”


Our First “Thing We Love”: WUNDERLIST


What Is It?

Wunderlist is an amazing application that helps you make “To Do Lists.” It’s a task manager and a great one at that. You make lists and add “to do” items to those lists. You check these items off as you go. It’s that simple.

Main Features


First of all, we love it for all the principles we mentioned above but here are some of the main features:

  • Works on a computer desktop and with a smartphone. It syncs any changes you make.
  • Works with a wide range of operating systems/across platforms. For example, if you have a Mac computer but and Android phone, it will still sync between both.
  • Extremely easy to use and setup
  • Lists can be organized by priorities. You can move one list higher than another.
  • You can set deadlines and reminders for items within a list.
  • You can view all items from any lists based on when you set a due date for them.
  • Anytime an item is added, modified, or completed, you receive a notification (with an option to turn off notifications)
  • You can use the “inbox” feature to create tasks that aren’t connected to a list. Just simple reminders.

It Gets Better

Here’s what makes Wunderlist even more AMAZING to us:

  • You can share lists with someone else as long as they have a Wunderlist account.
    (ie. Michelle and I share a grocery list. She adds brussel sprouts to the list, it shows up on my phone, computer, etc…)
  • You can share one (or more) list(s) with multiple people.
    (ie. We can add anyone else to the grocery list if we wanted.)
  • You can assign a person to each item within a list.
    (ie. If brussel spouts is in our grocery list, I can assign Michelle to pick them up, or she can assign me to pick them up.)
  • You can create notes and sub-lists for each item as well, in case you need to add more details to the task.
  • You can view all tasks assigned to you as one list.

Assign People

Best of All

It’s FREE!!! There is a pro version for large businesses and organizations (which is worth the affordable pricing), but most of the best and most important features are free. Especially for individuals, families, and small businesses.

How to Make the Most of It?

  • Check Wunderlist first thing in the morning and a couple of times throughout the day.
  • Set reminders and due dates for tasks with time constraints.
  • Create daily tasks or notes using the inbox when on-the-go. Sort as needed later when you have time.
  • Use different lists for different aspects of your life, ie. grocery, financial reminders, work related, birthdays, etc…
  • Share certain lists with others for collaboration and project management.

How Do I Get It?

Let Us Know

– Do you use Wunderlist? Do you like it? How would you make it better?

– What other task management Apps do you like that have helped your daily life?

– Any questions about Wunderlist?

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* Life Updates

No day better than today!

Hey Family and Friends,

So the North Portland (NoPo) Changs, aka. Jedd and Michelle,_DSC8639have been meaning to start a blog/website/newsletter about our lives a long time ago. Of course this project took a backseat with everything happening in our first year of marriage. However, as the title says, there is no day better than today to start- anything- and so with this, we are going to try our best to fill you in on the latest.

To condense this past year and tell you what’s coming up, here’s a bullet point list of things:

This past year:

  • Michelle started a position at the Moreau Center for Service and Leadership at University of Portland
  • Jedd finished his second and final year as Hall Director at U.P.
  • Had a fun fall with new Portlanders Josh and Lins (Sellwood Changs)
  • Joined an amazing life group (not small group) of married couples from our church, Mosaic, and have enjoyed sharing life with new friends
  • Traveled to Arizona to visit brother Tyler and celebrate the New Year!
  • Traveled to McCall Idaho to hang out with the PLU crew
  • Traveled to Hawaii for spring break to visit family and participate in the H.I.M. conference
  • Ran an entire Half-Marathon together and not only survived but obliterated our goals (still recovering)
  • Saw Lon and Joel (Michelle’s and Jedd’s younger brothers) graduate from their respective colleges (we are just thankful they did 🙂 )


This past week?:

  • We said goodbye to Mom and Dad Chang and Joel who were visiting for a couple of weeks (we think we wore them out)
  • Went camping at Oxbow Regional Park to celebrate our anniversary
  • Moved out of our campus apartment! (almost…)

To sum up life right now:

Life seems a bit chaotic and discombobulated (I didn’t need spell check for this word). There are a lot of questions for us right now. Will Jedd be able to get a job soon? Where will we live? What does God want us to do with our lives? How does the Haiti trip impact our lives currently and in the future? Should we get a dog at some point? How can we balance our time?

Yet with all these questions we feel extremely blessed for this past year and for whatever lies ahead. There are many joyful things to celebrate in our lives and the lives of others: marriage has been a fun and exciting adventure (we both are realizing how much growth there is as individuals and as a couple), Michelle enjoys what she does at work, Jedd is getting a chance to look at new possibilities for a career,  a new cousin born this year in Seattle and more little ones to come in the lives of our friends and extended family, weddings in both our families. We know that God has and will always provide for us and our family and we both feel a strong call to figure out how He wants us to share our lives with others. We remain hopeful and faithful in whatever is to come, although honestly, it can be difficult at times. But it’s a lot easier with the love and support you have given us. Thank you.

Till next time, Love and Peace,

J& M

Chang Family Omaha - PDX