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Advent Project: Part Four


Angels and (Illegal) Aliens

In the Christmas story, several angels are mentioned. Rather than spend much time on the character of angels, I though it would be more interesting to talk about one of their messages. One of the angels essentially tells Joseph to lead his family into becoming illegal immigrants. Doing a Bible search for the word “alien” or “immigrant” (depending on the translation), you’ll find that this was a surprisingly frequent topic Continue reading “Advent Project: Part Four”

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Advent Project- Part One

In some ways, I don’t have a lot of hope for humanity. People are inherently good, but we also just can’t seem to get ourselves out of trouble- and I mean that on multiple, multiple levels. Living in a developing country, especially one with cultural roots that cannot be un-entwined from the effects of slavery, only convinces me more that all human beings struggle with some unalterable defect in our nature. Every last one of us. Including me, of course. Our issues are deep and far-reaching.

But before you assume that this post is going to be a big downer or that I’m hopelessly depressed and negative, hear me out. I do have hope. I just don’t think we as people can fix all our messes on our own. My hope lies in something greater.

That’s why Continue reading “Advent Project- Part One”