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Whole 30: A Challenge to Eat Whole Foods For 30 Days – Join Us

Every year Michelle and I have tried to do some sort of fast (you can read about our last one here). We really like this practice as it helps us learn how to be more intentional, disciplined, and most importantly, become more aware of our own behaviors that we typically wouldn’t think much about. For this specific challenge we are focusing on what we eat.


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Habit-Less: Living with Intention

I took this phrase from a similar, but not exact quote that I saw on pinterest. It ties in with the quote I used in the first of this series, the Intentional Habits post. The image is of our friend, Thomas, on a ropes course at a staff team building retreat with us (about a week after Jedd and I first met). I just think this phrase makes a fantastic motto. It also sort of sums up why we are taking two years off to do Peace Corps, which we consider to be like a “Sabbatical”- a time to pause from life as we know it (our habits) and do something different that forces us to re-evaluate our values and how we live. Hopefully we’ll come back with life-long lessons, new ways of seeing the world, and resolve to help us live a fuller life- a life out of intention.

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Intentional Habits

Part 2 of my Quotes & Images series

watch your habits they become characterI heard this quote at an early age and it really stuck with me. There is a lot in this world that we do not have control over and, for that reason, I might finish this quote differently rather than what is said about “destiny.” On the other hand, the one thing we do have control of is our own actions and, therefore, our habits. The kind of person we become is our own choice. We have the power to decide if we will put more good and positive things into the world or more hurtful and negative things out into the world. We choose if we are going to be someone who Continue reading “Intentional Habits”