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Home is wherever I’m with you

In honor of a commercial-free, no-shopping Valentine’s Day, this photo is a self portrait we took on our first ever road trip together. At that point, although we had known each other less than three months, we had already committed to get married some day but just didn’t have the ring yet. We have now been married for three and a half years!

I used the quote “Home is wherever I’m with you” from the song by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros because it seems to characterize our marriage. I don’t know how many different places we’ve lived and visited in the short time we’ve been together so far- probably over a hundred. And today, as I look toward our two years abroad with Peace Corps and the endless possibilities of where we may be in the future, this phrase rings even more true. Even though we may be thousands of miles away from anything or anyone else familiar to us, I will never leave home as long as Jedd is there with me. He truly is my home.