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It Starts with a Seed

Co-workers at the community center check out the pear (avocado) seed
Co-workers (and daughter) at the community center check out the pear (avocado) seed

Most days, on my commute to work in a jam-packed mini-bus, I try not to bring more attention to myself than necessary. I stand out. But today was a good day to stand-out as most of the eyes glaring in my direction weren’t directed at me, as if to say, “What is this Mr. Chin doing here?” Instead, most of the attention was on the glass cup with the pear (avocado) seed I was carrying to work. Now the eyes seemed to ask, “What is this Mr. Chin doing here and why is he holding a pear plant?” Continue reading “It Starts with a Seed”

* Jedd Thoughts, * Peace Corps

An End to a Stormy Summer…

Unpredictable weather means unconventional and creative laundry hanging solutions

I’m thankful that summer is coming to an end.  You will probably never hear me say those words again.

When we lived in the typically gloomy, dank Northwest of the states, we always look forward to summer. Those heavenly 2-3 months of spending long days with family and friends (the sun setting around 9pm) helped us forget about the other 80% of the time when life seemed colder, cave like, and sometimes depressing. NW summers meant hiking in the Columbia River Gorge to see waterfalls, enjoying the great harvest from farms, and enjoying festivals and events. It’s a bit dramatic, but that’s how much people in the NW really enjoy their summers.

Unlike the NW, in our little area of Jamaica (and I suspect in many parts of Jamaica and the Caribbean), summer is something we endure. The days are wickedly hot and humid.  We live on a plain at a low elevation shielded by some hills, which in turn means: no wind. No wind means a sauna-type climate with daily afternoon thunderstorms/showers. This might be my favourite Continue reading “An End to a Stormy Summer…”