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A Fast Update

This post is brought to you by our ultimate cinnamon roll recipe.

You might be thinking, “Wait a minute, aren’t you doing some sort of fast?”

I am (you can read about it here).

One of the most important parts of the fast is not necessarily about the food itself, it’s about learning how to make intentional choices. This is especially crucial in the face of pressure and temptation such as fresh, homemade cinnamon rolls.

Some Background

I’m back in Hawaii for a bit to spend time with family and had the chance to get together with some friends I haven’t seen in awhile. In a typical Hawaii gathering, it’s all about the food. Imagine a long table with snacks, fruit, a couple of salads, rice, a couple of choices of meat, dessert- all in amounts large enough to feed an army. In Hawaii, it’s a sin when you don’t have enough food. It’s extremely important to have enough to feed everyone there. Enough to feed guests you didn’t know might come. Enough to make sure everyone has enough to take home. It’s all about the food.

In Hawaii, the kind of food at the party is also important. Typically you’ll  see plain white rice or a couple of different rice dishes like sushi, or musubi. In fact, there’s a good chance all three rice options will be present. But the key to a successful Hawaii gathering is about the meat and desserts. In regards to all the dishes at the party, it’s important that the majority have meat.  As for desserts, you can’t just have one. There needs to be variety.

As you can see, a typical Hawaii get together is not “fast” friendly.

So I Made Cinnamon Rolls

When doing a fast, it’s probably best not to volunteer a delicious, sweet dessert for a party. Cinnamon rolls represented everything that I am not eating at the moment. It’s also best for someone not to go to a Hawaii style party to avoid being around more food they shouldn’t eat. So how did it go? Not a problem.

Not My First Fast

Fasting should be something that people practice regularly. It helps you develop skills like patience and self control. Once you’ve completed a fast, it get’s easier to do additional ones, and more importantly, to be in situations that would be tempting. You’re training yourself. You also learn some valuable tips and tricks on how to get through these situations.

Fasting Tips

1. Have a plan:
If you know you are going to a party, try to eat earlier. Make your own food that you know is “fast friendly.” If you are going out, check out the menu prior to going out to see what you can and can’t eat.

2. Don’t give up:
The first time I did a fast, I broke it making a stupid decision. There’s a good chance that if you attempt a fast or a challenge similar to this, you might unintentionally or intentionally break your fast as well. Just keep going. By giving up completely, the only thing you’ve taught yourself is that you can’t do it. By sticking with it even after a mistake, you are teaching yourself that it is possible to complete your challenge. Don’t give up.

3. Find a partner:
I’m grateful to have Michelle in my life who is not only supportive, but a willing partner in these fasts/challenges. Having a partner(s) gives you support and accountability.

4. Create a realistic challenge:
One of the biggest mistakes I made in my first fast/challenge was to go too big. If you’re thinking about doing a fast/challenge, make it realistic and doable. For example, a one-year commitment is a lot more challenging than one month. Deciding to do an extensive fast, limiting your options to say, beans and rice, is a lot more challenging then choosing not to eat meat. Start your challenges small and then work towards bigger ones.

5. Find resources:
There are a lot of great resources online. Need a recipe idea? Need a challenge template? Remember that a lot of people have and are currently doing similar things all the time.

So that’s my fast update. I didn’t get to eat any of the cinnamon rolls, but I felt great knowing I didn’t have to and didn’t want to. One week to go.

Ultimate Cinnamon Roll Recipe
The finished rolls – My brother Joel took this photo (www.kaponophotoworks.com)

3 thoughts on “A Fast Update”

  1. Hey Guys, sorry I missed you – it was so un-necessary – Next time awaken me, please. I cried it saddened me so deeply. Hope to catch you when you are here for your parents departure to Japan,
    Love and Stuff,
    Auntie Cookey
    Eph 3:19-20

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