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Whole 30: A Challenge to Eat Whole Foods For 30 Days – Join Us

Every year Michelle and I have tried to do some sort of fast (you can read about our last one here). We really like this practice as it helps us learn how to be more intentional, disciplined, and most importantly, become more aware of our own behaviors that we typically wouldn’t think much about. For this specific challenge we are focusing on what we eat.


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* Jedd Thoughts, * Life Updates, Intentional Living

Let’s Go Fast

Fried potato. Garlic mayo sauce. Cheddar cheese powder. Definitely not part of the fast.

Imagine if today you challenged yourself to completely change your routine regarding food. Today was going to be a start of a 30-day period where you only ate certain things and limited how much you ate. No more sweets or desserts. No alcohol or soda. Nothing fried or processed. No meat. No dairy.

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Day 27: Update and Results

My results after 27 days:

Well everyone, the streak is alive at 27 and nearly 1/3 of the way completed with my P90X challenge and I’m excited to share that the results so far look as good if not better than the picture above. Of course I’m just joking, but not really, well..I don’t look like Bruce Lee and don’t imagine that I will after the challenge is done, however, I wanted to share two pictures that show some results in the area of flexibility:

Before the start of the challenge:                            Day 27 of the challenge:

Now my goal is not necessarily to become more flexible, but this is a huge perk and I’m sure that this will be good for me in the future. 🙂

This past week has been the extremely difficult. While it’s been great to see and feel some results, waking up at 5am to work out is taking its toll. I’m finding that its hard to wake up (especially with the cold winter settling in) and by mid-day I am crashing (specifically around 2:30pm).

While sleep is an important factor of success, I’m also starting to notice that diet plays a big role in our health, (duh!) especially when doing a program like this. I haven’t really changed my eating habits or really know what I should be doing (I’d welcome any advice). I don’t think I’m getting enough protein, I think I’m still eating to much sugar and fats (love my fries), and probably not drinking enough water as I should. Again, my results is not to lose tons of weight or to become a body builder. However, I wonder what my results would be if I changed my diet (I guess there’s still 60 days too).

I noticed that my motivation this week was severely tested. As you become stronger, more flexible, and more comfortable with exercises, I have found that it is difficult to increase intensity and easy to find ways to cheat your way through exercises that you know will be difficult. There’s a temptation to go through the motions but more importantly, avoid the hurt or discomfort, but its important to fight through this in order to be successful. To just be complacent, to not work hard is essentially giving up which defeats the whole purpose of the challenge and actually hurts me in the long run. It teaches me that it’s ok to be lazy. It’s one thing to stop if you tried to work hard and you cannot do it. It’s another thing to not try or intentionally give up.

Overall, I’m pretty stoked that I’ve completed an entire month, a little overwhelmed thinking that there is still two months to go. Yet, I am encouraged by little victories like being able to stretch down to the floor, able to wake up at 5 in the morning when the weather is below 32 degrees, and working out especially on the days (and there are many) when I don’t feel like it. I am thankful for Michelle for waking up early to exercise with me or  the way she speak words of encouragement to me when I wake up. But most of all, I’m just glad that I haven’t given up because again, if you know (the old) me, doing something-anything- intentionally for even a couple of consecutive days is a challenge, let alone 27 days….

For this week: Core, Cardio, Chest-Shoulders-Triceps-Ab Ripper, Yoga, Legs-Back Ab Ripper, Kenpo, Stretch

Thanks everyone for the encouragement.